Seeing Jesus

I wanted to see Jesus today.

I saw the old man instead standing by the pump at the gas station.

We said hello to each other as we shared our smiles and left on our way.

I wanted to see Jesus today.

I saw the most delightful little child with his mother and she was so sweet to him at the Wal-Mart. I smiled at each and the little fella reached out to touch my arm and my heart as I said, "Hello, little one." He laughingly, fled away. I stood there smiling and beaming from the purest and sweetest touch of innocence.

I wanted to see Jesus today.

I saw the old lady, a bent figure with curved spine holding two very heavy shopping bags. She looked so tired. I watched as she tried to cross the street. I was afraid she wouldn't make it as I said, let me carry those things for you and she did. We made it across the street and I carried those bags up 3 full blocks right to her doorstep. She thanked me and I felt so good.

I wanted to see Jesus today.

I saw the man at the train station, he asked for spare change and I looked at him. Without thought of what he would do with the change, I gave it to him. I did so with a prayer and blessing. Then I left and caught the train home.

You see I really wanted to see Jesus today and He really wanted to see me too.

It was then that I realized that we had seen each other all throughout the day. He was inside a different shell each time that I saw Him but it was He. His face and expressions would be different each time but He was always the same. He wanted to see me and know what I would do each time that I met Him.

You see I really did want to see Jesus today and I did see Him clearly all the daylong.

By: Maria Carey

September, 2000

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