Be Like Job!

Just yesterday I was in the local post office and observed a poster that warned of unusual mail. On the poster was a picture of a mailer with an oily spot. This morning at work I received a rather strange mailer package on my desk.

Sitting at my desk in my safe work environment, a gentleman comes in and looks at my desk. He says, "Look at that package!" Oh my! It looked like the one in the post office.

And then the plot thickened. It had no postmark, only a bar code sticker that said Denver and my zip code. The barcode sticker was on the left side of the package! So I call the post office and they say to bring it in to them. I'm thinking, yes, and get more anthrax spores in transport.

As a precaution, I put the mailer in the window in direct sunlight. Sunlight kills those anthrax spores, and for good measure I wiped my entire office down with bleach water and wiped my hands and arms with the bleach water as well. The package was sent by a reputable vendor and probably harmless but we weren't taking any chances.

It's unusual times we live in now. We are at war. Our lives as Americans will never be the same. We've not had to live with such heightened security.

Later in the day I was driving home from work. I was near an intersection when a small white pickup pulled out in front of my vehicle. I had to slam on the brakes and set down on the horn. I cast him one of "my" looks.

And then, not five minutes later on another street a bicyclist pulls out onto the road and almost rams into my car. What is going on here I thought? What else can happen?

And then I remembered Job and the day his world fell apart. And I rejoiced! Yes, I rejoiced because we are like Job, we remain strong and faithful to God even in the midst of adversity.

Be Like Job! 2001 LaRose Karr

LaRose Karr lives in Sterling, Colorado with her husband Larry and four children. She is a church secretary and a contributing writer to the "God Allows U-Turns" series. She will have a devotional included in the Sept. - Oct. 2002 of "The UpperRoom" magazine. She believes her writing is a gift from God and give HIM all the glory! She is the editor of "Moonflower Ministry" digest. Email:

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