Beach Walks

While taking a beach walk the other morning I tried to find some small shells to use for an arrangement I was doing. I always enjoy the fresh mornings when the sunshine is just peaking around the shoreline, with the smell of salt air and new treasures from the ocean floor are there to greet me. I knew I wouldn't find perfection in the shells that splash against the rocks and other ocean life, yet I wanted the nicest ones I could find. They would go into a bowl I'd be using for a centerpiece and would be visible underneath the floating flowers on top.

As I continued walking, I thought of my own life and how perfection is hard to obtain, in fact, it is impossible. I had come to that realization years ago. There are no superwomen, supermoms or supermen, but there is a SUPER GOD! And because He is God, and we are not. I know that if I'm in God's will, doing my best, in whatever situation, He will help me where I'm at.

Walking along the shore I found a nice olive shell with little clusters of tiny pieces of broken shells nestled within...the color was cream with some dark spots. This was a good example of God's handiwork, not perfect, but pleasing to the eye. Several other varieties of seashells appeared on the beach and I chose the ones that would compliment each other in color or shape. Funny, how we Christians are so different, and yet together with our love for the Lord, we try to Serve Him faithfully.

Like imperfect shells, we have cracks and lack luster at times. But as we allow Him to lead, the imperfections become His job to remold. Yet, He often leaves them imperfect, reminding us that they can become an attribute to our character, using our weakness to make us strong. I continued on my walk finding that beauty appears in every little shell, each piece of seaweed or driftwood. How evident is the artist's love for us....all His blessings to enjoy. I continued on, thankful for the day and the early morning gifts from the ocean. .

(c) 2001 Diane Dean White

Diane is a former newspaper reporter and freelance writer. She and her husband Stephen are the parents of three grown children and two grandgals. They make their home on the Carolina Coast where Diane continues her love for writing.

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