Bought and Paid For

"What great things the Lord has done for you." Mark 5:19 (AMP)

Every once in a while God gives us a reminder to trust in Him. My friend Bonnie shared with me a recent encounter she had with this.

Their car broke down. She listened to the silence as Bruce turned the key. She said "I am so tired of problems Lord." Her husband told her, " It's all how you look at it."

They were stopped right in front of a train station. The thought crossed her mind of the statement she had heard many times...... " The ticket will be there when the train arrives." But she wondered, how could this apply to her dilemma?

Her husband spotted a gas station and took a walk over to see if anyone could help. He introduced himself to the attendant. Quickly the man told him, " Let me look at it right now." He ushered them across the street to go have some lunch, while he used his skill to attend to their problem.

As Bonnie sat in the air conditioned restaurant. She thought about the man out in the ninety- degree heat fixing her car, and the eagerness in his voice to help. Instead of her lunch, she was starting to eat her complaining words. With each bite she swallowed hard...her pride. She realized that Bruce was right about her bad attitude, and quietly asked God to forgive her.

After lunch, they went to see what the progress was on the car. The man explained that he tested many things and found their problem was the alternator. He got it running and it was ready to go at.... NO CHARGE!

God showed her that day what a repentant heart can do. He wants our trust, not our bad attitude. The ticket was waiting at the station. God hadn't allowed the car to break down any place except close to that gas station. He allowed Bonnie to see that train station, to let her know the problem had already been taken care of by Him, ahead of time. In Christ, it had been bought and paid for.

Annettee Budzban lives in Illinois. She is the author of the devotional book, "Life Changing Inspirations." She has been published on other e-zines and in magazines. She has a weekly devotional column in her County's Daily Herald. She enjoys showing how God's word applies to our everyday lives. Her e-mail is

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