Coffee on the Beach

I recently had the pleasure of taking some time off from my busy schedule . . So I packed up the whole Durango clan and we headed down to the beach in South Carolina. Lovely area down there, a true testimony of the Lord's glorious creativity.

Anyway, as anyone who really knows me can tell you, I have a tendency to spend hours on end walking along the beach, whether it be at home in Jersey or on some beach in South Carolina or wherever. There just seems to be something about the beach . . . The Lord has taught me so much during those quiet walks on the beach.

So while on vacation down there in "Almost Heaven", South Carolina I found myself taking my coffee and strolling along the sandy beach early each morning and late each night.

One night as I walked along the beach I took special notice of the incredible number of footprints left in the sand by all of the people who had visited the beach on that particular day. There were literally thousands upon thousands of footprints left on that beach that day. I didn't think much more about it that evening but early the next morning I took my coffee and headed out for a walk along the same stretch of beach.

Something seemed different that morning though and I struggled to try to figure out exactly what it was . . . Then it hit me . . . The footprints were all gone! The tide had come in during the night and washed away all of those footprints that I had seen the night before. All of those little imperfections in the sand had been cleansed away and the beach was restored as if new again.

Then I thought about how this reminded me of our Lord and HIS forgiveness. I thought about how HE washes us of our sins and how HE restores us. (And I guess I realized over that early morning coffee that that little lesson was another one of the reasons the Lord had for creating that beautiful stretch of beach in "Almost Heaven", South Carolina).

Just a thought!


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