Coffee Thought on Forgiveness

A couple of weeks ago Little Durango was out in the driveway playing basketball. With basketball season just starting for him he tries to get in as much practice time as he possibly can. Anyway, he was out there dribbling and shooting away like some maniac when he took a spill. He put a pretty good size gash in his leg and it was bleeding pretty good.

Little Durango came in and we cleaned out the cut, bandaged him up and he was back out in the driveway playing ball again. Well it's been quite sometime now and the cut still hasn't healed all the way. Seems for some reason or another, Little Durango keeps picking at the scab and reopening the wound . He just won't leave the wound alone and give it time to heal.

Well I was thinking about that this morning while sipping my coffee.Then I thought about how this is like forgiveness. Forgiveness is much like that scab on the wound. When we refuse to forgive others for their infractions against us it is much like us picking at the scab of the wound. By refusing to forgive we are not giving the wound a chance to heal.

That hurt inflicted by the other person's misdeed will remain with us until we forgive and give it that chance to heal . . . So the choice is ours, we can forgive the offenses of others and allow the wounds to heal . . .


We can continue to pick at the wounds and never allow them to heal.

Just a thought over coffee.


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