Bread, Water and Love


I was hungry! My stomach ached as I opened and shut the kitchen cabinets. Every single one of them was empty. Mechanical breakdowns at the sawmill I was working at had caused the hours I worked to be cut back a lot that month. I was due to pick up my next paycheck the following day and that would buy my young family another week’s worth of food. I just wasn’t sure, however, if we would be eating until then.

I opened the last cabinet and smiled with relief. There was a box of macaroni and cheese left for dinner that night and a little cereal left for my children’s breakfast the next morning. "At least my kids wouldn’t be hungry", I thought. Another pain from my empty stomach sent me over to the breadbox. I opened it and saw two slices of bread left. I went to the refrigerator and glanced inside. It was empty except for a little milk for breakfast and a jar of jelly with less than a spoonful left in it. I grabbed the jelly and put the bread in the toaster. Spreading the jelly thinly

I was able to cover both slices. Then I poured a glass of cold water and sat down by the window. As I slowly ate my toast I watched the butterflies floating above the dandelions in my back yard. Seeing them having their own flower feast made me smile and feel at peace again. As I relaxed my little dog walked into the room and licked my hand. I laughed, fed him the last bite of my toast and then petted his head. At that moment love and happiness filled my heart and I thanked God once again for giving me all I needed for the day.

Thinking of that time again makes me realize what really is essential in this life. We all want so much when in truth we need so little in order to be happy. A little bread, a little water, and the love of our Heavenly Father is all we need to choose love and to have joy. Sometimes it takes not having anything to make you see that you really have everything.

Joseph J. Mazzella

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