But Why? Rivers of Faith, Part 21: Doubtful Delusions b


Last time, in Doubtful Delusions, Part b, we discovered the importance of not doubting the One who provides for all of our needs. He is, after all, our Father, and He cares for each one of us.

So often however, we are confronted with that question: "Why did you doubt?"

In all reality, the only reason we doubt Him is because we have forgotten! We have forgotten the many times He has come through for us. We forget that the all-powerful God never changes! If He's come through for us in the past, He will not do otherwise now!

Today we will explore why this question, "Why did you doubt?" Is so important to our God.

My oldest son is getting ready to begin university. Ever since he was born, we have tried to save as much as we can so that he will have money to pay his post-secondary education. After all, attending university in this day and age isn't exactly cheap!

But just imagine if he were to come to me one day and tell me that he was failing his courses. You can be assured that I would look at him in horror, with only one question on my lips: "Why?"

His hesitant answer might go something like this: "I've been working very hard at the restaurant to pay my tuition, and in order to pay my room and board, I was forced to take a second job at Walmart! There is just no time to study!"

For some reason, my next question would still be, "Why?" After all, haven't I promised to assist him with the cost of higher education?

What if his answer was as follows: "Yes dad, you did promise to pay my tuition. But what would have happened if you didn't come through? That would be very embarrassing, and I decided that I had better take things into my OWN hands!"

I don't know about you, but such a comment from my very own child would hurt me to the core of my heart!

Doubt is truly a put-down in disguise. Doubt breaks relationships! Doubt indicates that we don't truly trust the one we doubted! And doubt is a disease that quickly spreads to all of our acquaintances.

If I doubt my boss, I will not be able to adequately do my work. If I doubt my pastor, I will never be able to make a difference in my church. If I doubt God, I show that my allegiance is really with the evil one, as isn't he the one who continually discredits God? Remember, faith is not faith if there is even a drop of doubt mixed in!

There is only one solution to our dilemma: "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24 NIV)

We can hang onto the mercy of God as we let Him teach us how to believe. The more we get to know God, the more doubt will evaporate from our lives. Faith is only possible if we spend intimate time with the Healer!

"You mean you will still pay my tuition, even if I don't do my part?"

"Son, when you believe, you ARE doing your part!"

Rob Chaffart

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