Moments in the Valley

I remember it all too well, the moment I found out about my mental illness called Bi-Polar. It was a year and a half ago, and my life was out of control. I was aimless, depressed, suicidal, and trying anything I could get my hands on to make the pain stop. I was/am a Christian and couldn’t understand why all of these horrific mental symptoms were happening to me. Once diagnosed, it was in and out of hospitals and clinics trying to find the right medicine to help ease my mind; which left me feeling alone to face my illness.

As you can imagine, I started wondering where God decided to go in all this hurt and pain; leaving me to question my own faith in Him; however, I had a moment of truth that gave my faith a boost, and I have leaned on this truth since. There is a scripture found in Psalm 23:4 which states: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and staff, they comfort me.” This passage lifted my spirits and gave me an inner hope that I cannot describe. I was walking through my own version of the valley of death; yet God was with me. He was with me through every test, every new doctor I had to bear my soul too, every sleepless night in a damp, dreary hospital bed, and He was with me even through my doubting Him.

I’m not sure what valley you, the reader, may be going through. I’m certain that some valleys are very dark and scary; while other valleys may be less harsh and threatening; however, whatever the valley-God is there. I would encourage every reader to allow God to walk them through any dark place, hand in hand with you. I like this scripture because it doesn’t paint a fake view about life, because there will be valleys to cross, and God isn’t always going to just take them away; however, He promises to be right there in the middle with you in your valley.

Finally, I love the last part of the scripture: (my paraphrase) God’s rod and staff comfort us when we are in the dark, lifeless valley. It is a challenge for me every day to lean on God; especially in the dark places of my life; however, His comfort is waiting right there for me to receive. It is my hope that anyone reading this who may be walking the dark, empty road of a valley, change their gaze and look to the good shepherd God.

Rob Price

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