Where Is God When I'm depressed

Isa 61:1 "He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners . . ." NIV

Many Christians deal with deep depression and would love to know: ďWhere is God When Iím Depressed.Ē Depression can cause even the strongest of Christians wonder if God cares or not, and I will deal with the topic of Depression and God in this article.

Depression is a hard, dark, and lonely emotion; making it difficult to even believe anyone cares, much less God. In my own walk through depression, I have experienced the anger, unbelief, and discouragement it can bring; resulting in the idea that God isnít interested in my depression, but is more interested in me being a ďsuper Christian.Ē The truth of the matter is so different from what those who struggle with depression believe: God is involved and does care. Even though we cannot see God or feel Him; He is there. He knows we are human and are not always going to be some powerhouse for him; especially when it comes to depression.

Isaiah 61 gives the depressed hope; instead of doom. The scripture points out that God sent Jesus to bind up the broken-hearted, to give the oil of joy instead of mourning, and to comfort all who despair; what an awesome scripture. When I am depressed or just have the blues, I can be sure God is there to heal me. God is a lot more involved in a Christianís life than they are aware of. Isaiah tells us the heart beat of God, so we can take comfort in Godís awareness and involvement in a depressed personís life.

From personal experience, I have walked through depression on many occasions, and most of the time I was so down I couldnít see any hope. I know what it is like to stay in bed for hours at a time, lose interest in activities I typically enjoyed, feel suicidal, and to lose hope in God, but I am learning to lean on God more and more for hope and strength. I know itís hard; however, the more a depressed Christian looks to God for hope and strength, the easier it can be to walk through depression. In my experience God doesnít always take depression from me, but rather helps me walk through such a strong emotion hand in hand.

To those reading this who may be in a major depression, let me give some hope. God is with you and knows your pain. He doesnít look the other way, or ignore those who are depressed; instead He comes close and wants to help and deliver. Sometimes it is through doctors, therapists, and other resources; however, sometimes it is just through walking out the depression-trusting only in Him. Everyone is different so the method God might use on each individual will vary, but the message is still clear: God cares deeply for each person, and wants them to walk out of the dark cloud of depression into the beautiful sunlight of His care.

As I conclude this short article I want the reader to know that God is with them through any depression or negative emotion. I would encourage each person reading this, who deal with depression , to make Isaiah 61 their daily prayer, because God really is with each individual dealing with such a powerful emotion called depression.

Rob Price robprice33@gmail.com

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