From a Distance

From a distance one could not see the pain in her eyes.
No one noticed how her bottom lip quivered.
How yesterday she had looked ten years younger.
No, from a distance no one could see her torment.

She had just lost her husband of fifty-four years.
And was torn to pieces and very bewildered.
What would she do now? What could she do?
Fear, doubt, and anxiety overwhelmed her.

Alone, she was alone. Could she go on?

As the tears ran down her face she wiped them away.
Then it happened. A sense of peace enveloped her.
She no longer felt alone.
This seemed impossible and unbelievable.

But, she knew. Yes, she knew He was there.
She was no longer alone. Jesus was there.
He was there wrapping His arms around her.
He was there giving her strength.

This would be hard, no doubt.
But, Jesus would be there for her through it all.
Without Him she would never go on.
With Him she knew; She could go on.

From a distance one could not see the soft smile.
That came across the grief stricken face.
No. No one noticed the straightening of her shoulders.
Or how His peace seemed to fill her entire being.

How no matter what the world would throw at her,
God was able to take care of her.
That He loved her and would not abandon her.
He loved her and she held on to this tightly.

From a distance one could not see this peace.
One could not see the Lord Jesus Christ.
Yet, she felt this peace and she saw Him.
He was there with her and she would make it.

(Hebrews 13:5) "Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you."

Sharon Niese

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