Maybe God sent you!

I have had many remarkable moments in my life. I have felt pain, sorrow, and profound loss.

I have danced with joy and screamed with overwhelming happiness.

Yes, those moments stand out clearly in my mind with instant recall of each emotion.

But, they do not fill the 63 years of my life.

The gap between joy and pain has been filled with average, everyday, miracles.

Sounds like a contradiction doesn't it?

How could a miracle be average?

Life itself is a miracle jammed to capacity with a million tiny miracles. So much so that we have come to take them for granted.

Thus, “average, everyday miracles.”

I have prayed time and again begging God, “Please, I need a miracle!” Like God was a vending machine.

What I needed was His favor, Grace, or for Him to comfort me in my worry.

Woven in and out of all of these miracles God placed before me many of His children.

God's answers come to me that way.

His voice is that of a child one time.

Then an elderly man or woman.

He has spoken to me in languages I could not comprehend, for angels speak, too.

His voice was thunderous in a passing storm and brilliant in a rainbow.

He has spoken to me through the eyes of a homeless man and the soft, gentle stroke I shared with a dying bird.

I have claimed all of these as His Word to me, His affirmation that I matter.

It was in the words of a complete stranger that I was shaken to my core.

I prayed over the body of a young man lying face down in the backseat foot well of his own automobile. The impact sent him flying backward yet his girlfriend walked away from the accident.

I pulled a small Bible out of my own car and not knowing where to begin, I thumbed through and read whatever passages lay before me.

“Oh, God. I wish a preacher was here to do this!” I said nervously.

Then I heard someone say, “Maybe God sent you!”


Me representing Him?


I remember that it was raining because later, as the ambulance was about to leave, I made the sign of the cross in the rain slicked side panel.

I would later present that New Testament Bible to the boy's mother, noting that wherever she saw raindrops on the pages is where I read that evening.

Have you ever seen someone suffering and wished that someone could help them?

“Maybe God sent you!”

Have you ever seen the homeless and privately criticized them for begging in public places?

“Maybe God sent you!”

Have you ever seen a news report of a house fire and listened as the family talked about losing everything. You hoped they received help.

“Maybe God sent you!”

God is not a vending machine. When you ask for a miracle expect that He will offer you a chance to be one.

You'll know when. You'll hear...

“Maybe God sent you!”

Bob Perks

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