In the moment: Lessons from my Dogs

Perhaps we give our dogs more credit than we should.

Maybe we don't give them enough.

I tend to humanize my dog Phil. I call him my best friend.

I have conversations with him. I share pictures of him like I should of my children.

Phil is here. They aren't.

Phil loves me.

Phil is always happy to see me.

Phil understands.

My dog Daisy died fighting with the vet right until her last breath.

She taught me to keep fighting for life.

Lucy, died in my arms. She knew what I was doing and seconds before she died she kissed me on the face.

She taught me to love right up to the last breath.

Ricky died peacefully in his sleep.

He taught me grace.

When I change my clothes Phil runs up to see what I'm am putting on.

I have told you in earlier writings that he gets excited when he sees me slip on sweat pants or PJ bottoms. I assume he knows I'm staying home.

Today I discovered something more important.

When I am going out he will lay down a few feet away and watch. He is waiting to see what choice I make.

I, of course, feel guilty.

Yes, he's that important.

Still, once he understands, he still gets excited.


Here's what my dog taught me today.

He does not read into what he sees. He does not miss the value of "now." He lets go of anything in the future he may not be happy about and totally owns the present.

You see, just before I leave, I always let him out one more time. When he comes in he gets a treat.

So, he watches. He understands I am going out. He doesn't dwell on that fact. He lives in the moment.

At that moment he gets excited about what is good in his life and celebrates by anticipating the treat.

How many times have I missed the greatness before me because I permitted that future reality to steal away my present reality?

Way too many.

Yes, I know there is a storm coming, but the sun shines brightly.

Go with it. are my best friend.

Bob Perks

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