A Vision Of Jesus

Isaiah 6:1 "In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train of his robe filled the temple." (ESV)

There was a time when I turned my back on God. I denied His existence. He took my best friend my father even though I prayed that He'd heal and keep him on this earth. I was only nine then, but for many years, I wanted nothing to do with God. Although later I married and had three children, my heart was still hardened.

My wife was a believer, so naturally, she tried to encourage me to read the Scriptures, but the more she tried, the more hostile I became. I wanted to stop her from witnessing to others; at one point, she hid the family Bible in our home. Finally, she prayed that God would deal with me, and so He did. In a horrific and vivid dream, I saw myself entering the pit of hell. The sights, sounds, and stench were indescribable. I was literally scared to death. Shortly thereafter, God lightened my heart. I knew how much He truly loved me. One week later, at 3:00 a.m., I wrote the following:

You know I met a man today
He stands about six feet tall
He seems to be a friendly sort
With eyes so remarkable

I think that I could like this man
For I know that He likes me
He's got such strength and character
Yet He's as calm as the sea

There's something that He wants
I'm not sure what it be
Although I sense it in my heart
It's love He wants from me

His voice is soft, harassing not

With words that are so true
If love had looks then it'd be
He who stands in front of me
He's leaving now, but He will return

As He has said to us
So I asked His name before He went
And He just smiled and said, "Jesus."

This was how the Lord revealed Himself to me. Now, I believe that His Word is true and our Lord God is real. His existence cannot be denied.

Perhaps, you're going through a similar experience and feeling angry with God, or maybe just praying for a loved one whose heart has also been hardened. If so, this testimony will be an encouragement to you. I am not a writer and surely not a poet; it is only by God's grace that I share this experience. Anything is possible with God. We need only let Him into our hearts. Then, truly, we will see and be with Him.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, please hear our prayer that if someone has declared Your non-existence or turned their back on You, You would soften their hearts and clear their minds so that they will feel Your endless love for us. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Larry Delia

Ocean View, Delaware, USA


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