When Life Seems Unfair

"Give orders that for the next thirty days anyone who prays to anyone, divine or human-except to Your Majesty-will be thrown to the lions." Daniel 6:7 NLT

Life should be fair but rarely is.

The unfairness of life is prevalent. Thousands of human beings are snuffed out every day before they ever have a chance to breathe a breath outside of their mother's womb. Thousands more live in abusive situations. Numerous criminals walk away from court scot free due to a legal snafu. Innocent people are discriminated against. Many lose their good credit rating due to divorce or because their identity is stolen. Incurable diseases cause others to give up their jobs and depend on disability. Numerous Christians live in countries where declaring their faith means prison time or even death.

Life wasn't always fair for Daniel either. Taken captive as a teenager by foreign forces, he languished in a foreign land for many years. When he was 80 years of age, Daniel found himself facing an unfair law. Jealous men tricked the king into signing. No god was to be prayed to for 30 days. Daniel prayed to his God three times each day. He had a choice. Stop praying or be thrown to the lions.

In the midst of an unfair situation, Daniel chose to trust God by continuing to pray. He didn't start praying to antagonize the king; he simply continued the norm. He trusted God to close the lions' mouths, protect him from his jealous enemies, or deliver him through death.

Quite a number of unfair circumstances have touched my life. Learning to trust God when I want to react in ungodly ways is difficult, but vital. Making a path is God's business. Mine is simply to follow it.

Daniel also stood firm in his commitment to God. He didn't waiver because he was serving a pagan king. He didn't brown nose, but neither did he flaunt his godliness. He was a man of faith who believed his God would carry him through life's unfair situations.

Standing firm when things are blatantly unfair is challenging. I want to repair things myself or eliminate the factor causing the unfairness. Satan wants me to doubt God and trust my own ingenuity. Neither is a good choice. I must be still and let God be God.

When the unfairness of life caves in on you, how do you respond?

Prayer: Father, remind us You're in control of all of life's situations. Even when they are unfair, we can trust You to carry us through.

Martin Wiles Hodges, South Carolina, USA

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