From Prisoner to Second-in-Command. The Witness, Part 10

From Prisoner to Second-in-Command. The Witness, Part 10

Looking into the Future

"So Pharaoh asked them, 'Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?'" Genesis 41:38 (NIV)

Do you believe in prophets? I certainly do.

The pharaoh of Egypt received a troubling dream. His magicians could not interpret it. Only one could do so, a Hebrew named Joseph who was in prison due to false accusations. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he was able to tell Pharaoh what was heading for Egypt: A terrible famine!

Joseph gave Pharaoh a plan for how to safe his nation. Impressed by his wisdom, that comes only from God, Pharoah promoted Joseph to second-in-command.

The Bible mentions prophets hundreds of times. The Messianic prophecies are amazing, and they serve to verify who the real Messiah is. Psalms 22, for example, written centuries before the Messiah showed up, perfectly describes His suffering. It quite literally was fulfilled!

God still reveal to us at times what we need to know. My great-grandfather once woke up in the middle of the night. He took a shovel and started to dig in the backyard. My grandmother asked him what he was doing. He answered: "I have to dig my grave. I have received a message." Within 3 days, he was dead.

I am no prophet, but at times my Heavenly Father gives me insight on how to help people find Him. One time a lady was in deep water. I tried to help her, but she was quite resistant. It's then that I was impressed by God's Spirit to ask her about "Bobby" (Not the real name). Her reaction was immediate. "How do you know about him? Do you live in my town?" This guy had been abusing her for years. She gave her heart to Jesus that day and was freed from this guy for good.

I like happy endings where God comes through big time!

However, at times, our Father wants us to warn people to repent. That's quite tough to do. One day, when I was sixteen, I dreamed about an individual who needed to repent. In my dream I saw large hail fall on him and I knew that torment would come on him if he didn't renounce some great sin.

I gave him the message. He told me: "You are wrong. God is confirming that I am elected to be a pastor."

I kept my peace. However, a few years later I met him again and shared with him the dream I had received for him. I urged him to come back to God. He sadly looked me in the eye and said, "It's too late!" Within a few months he was in prison. He lost his pastorship, his family, everything. I shed many tears for him. I could identify with how my Father was feeling towards this man.

The prophets in the Old Testament also had to carry burdens. At times they were mocked and that hurts! Other times they must have cried deeply for those who ignored our Heavenly Father's warnings. Still, some were saved through their prophecies, take Nineveh for example (see the book of Jonah).

Our Father loves us, and He gives us the opportunity to experience Him. However, He will never force us. After all, He loves us deeply!

Follow the way God's Holy Spirit guides you and we will be blessed!

Do you believe in prophecies?

Rob Chaffart

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