Gifts From Up High. The Witness, Part 13

Gifts From Up High. The Witness, Part 13

Dupplicate of the Ghent Altarpiece

"I've filled him (Bezalel) with the Spirit of God, giving him skill and know-how and expertise in every kind of craft to create designs and work in gold, silver, and bronze; to cut and set gemstones; to carve wood - he's an all-around craftsman." (Exodus 31: 3-5, MSG)

Arts are important to our Heavenly Father. For Him, beauty is the norm. Through art we can help others get to know Him. When we are moved deeply, it’s the Holy Spirit working in our hearts.

I can vouch of this. When I was visiting Ghent a few years ago, I went into a cathedral to see a painting done by Van Eyk called “The Ghent Altarpiece”. I had to pay a fee, and then I was brought into the room with several others. The door was closed, and I was told I could not take pictures. As the guide began explaining everything that was in that painting, I could feel my heart beating rapidly, and I knew the Holy Spirit was in our midst, for I felt His presence. I received His message of love, and I began to get a taste for what I will experience in Heaven. That’s how deeply I was moved by the symbolism in that painting. Wow! But then, our Heavenly Father can teach people through the arts. He had many means.

When I left the room that contained the Van Eyk painting that day, I was super excited. There was a replica of that painting inside the church, and I took a picture of it. Unfortunately, I was at an angle, and the details of the picture were unclear…But no matter. I had seen the original, and that's all that counted. Enjoy the arts. Our Father loves beauty. Listen to Him when you are deeply touched by a painting. Listen to his voice. You will be amazed. May we share our Heavenly Father with everyone, no matter what the means, just as Jesus shared His love with you.

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