Help From Above

Help From Above

On April 14, 2O13, my mother went home to be with the Lord. It was 2 weeks later that my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson. We were staggered by this diagnoses. He went through many different stages that are part of the disease. The worst for him was the pain he had developed in his stomach and it was so painful for him. After many tests, they finally decided three years later that the problem in his stomach was caused by Parkinson. We went through many different pills but none seemed to help him at all.

In 2017 His Parkinson Dr. ordered a new pill, Rytary. Within 10 days, his stomach hurt much less. We just praised the Lord! The enemy was not done with us by any means. The VA refused to pay for the new pill as it was very expensive. I appealed their decision and was turned down again. We tried going to the company that made this pill for help. They did help us for a short period time but then told us we needed to apply for Medicaid. I never had a peace doing this. My heart was so heavy and I felt overwhelmed. We prayed and sought the Lord and knew that this was not something we should do.

The lady that works for Rytary told us that we had to take the steps and apply for Medicaid. I told her that we could not do this. We were told we were not going to get help from them. I prayed and prayed for the Lord to reveal His will to us. That very day in the afternoon, a lady who worked for Rytary called me and asked me to call the number she gave me. She said, that "Just maybe they could help you out."

I called the number, and was comfortable with the questions they asked. After about 15 minutes I was told to hang on. The gentleman who had talked to me came back and told me they had a grant for Parkinson and he was going to give it to us. We now have help with this pill that my husband needed so badly and the grant covers a whole year and then we can re-apply. The first thing I did was to thank the Lord and praise Him. Then I called Rytary and talked to the Lady who had helped us and thanked her.

She said, "Thank the Lord!" And I did just that.

We never got help right away but He was and always is right on time. Thank You, Jesus.

Sharon Niese

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