Morning by Morning

Morning by Morning

"Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly." Psalm 5:3 NLT

I come from a family of morning lovers.

My paternal grandfather was a morning man. He had to be. His job demanded it. He delivered milk to people's homes in bottles. People wanted their milk when they got up in the morning. If it wasn't there, they would complain or take their business elsewhere.

My maternal grandfather also loved the morning, but not because his job required it. He was a farmer and could have gotten up any time he chose, but he got up early to enjoy nature. With cigarette in hand, he retired to the front porch, listened to the birds, and waited for the sun to top the tops of the tall pines across the field. It was his morning tradition.

Dad also rose early. But for a different reason than his dad. Morning was his time to pray and read the Bible. It was a tradition he maintained until he died. And for many years, I followed suit. When my children were small, morning was the only quiet time around the house-except for later in the evening. Evening didn't work for me. My mind shuts down after dark.

The psalmist was a morning person. He had no alarm clock to awaken him, but he rose early and took his requests to the Lord.

While God doesn't dictate morning as the time we must come to Him, He does have a lot to say through those who followed Him about the advantages of coming to Him in the morning. Jesus Himself did.

Our minds are fresher in the morning. I may still be sleepy, but the clutter of the day hasn't cluttered my mind yet. Some function better at night, but the advantages of the morning are weighty. Quiet reigns, which allows me to focus.

When I approach God in the morning, the day is before me. I've not made any mistakes or decisions yet. The potential, however, is there. What day doesn't involve decisions, temptations, or potential mistakes? Coming to God in the morning allows me to petition Him for guidance, strength, and wisdom.

Regardless of what time I come before God, coming consistently is important. Just as regular communication with others stabilizes friendships, so spending time each day with God cements our relationship with Him.

Morning by morning-or whenever is good for you-spend time with God.

Martin Wiles Hodges, South Carolina, USA

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