A Very High Price

A Very High Price

When my daughter and her husband picked up their kitten from the animal shelter, they were informed that the two-week-old foundling would likely die soon. Undeterred by these foreboding words, they lovingly named their black and white ball of fur "Domino". Under the watchful eye of his caregivers, Domino defied the predictions and turned into a healthy cat. His loyal devotion to his rescuers was endearing.

After eight years of purrs and cuddles, Domino fell seriously ill. The veterinarian diagnosed a life-threatening condition and presented two options: euthanasia, or surgical treatment that together with aftercare would amount to twice their monthly rent. Clearly, surgery was not an option, but neither was euthanasia! Hastily they called some people for financial assistance, without immediate results. When the vet's assistant started to prepare for the affordable option, their cell phone rang. Good news! One of my other daughters would gladly make the money available. Tears of relief and gratitude spilled from their eyes. Domino would live!

As this life-and-death story was unfolding before my eyes, it was as if I had witnessed a dramatized illustration of our salvation through Christ our Lord. Jesus prevented the eternal death of His loved ones by paying a very high price a price worth infinitely more than the equivalent of two months' rent. Jesus paid with His own blood, willingly and without complaint. Our hearts fill with gratitude! We will receive eternal life!

1 Peter 1:18a,19a For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed but with the precious blood of Christ. (NIV)

Another detail adds depth to the story. The joy that Domino provided to his caregivers with his loyal devotion draws our attention to the delight that the Lord has in His loyal children.

Psalm 149:4a For the Lord takes delight in his people. (NIV)

It is also striking that as my children chose life for Domino, so the Lord wants life for His children, not death. God's people are precious in His eyes.

Psalm 72:14 He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in his sight. (NIV)

The story of Domino became a confirmation of God's grace for me. But it also made me aware of my shortcomings. How much am I willing to give to others in their time of need? Am I a cheerful giver? Do I share the gospel? Certainly, we need the Lord's help when we reach out to our neighbour in need.

The gift of life that Jesus provided at a very high price inspires us to follow His example. We learn to share freely what has been entrusted to us, including the good news of our salvation.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, we thank You from the heart for coming to our rescue when we were doomed to eternal death. We pray that You will make us truly grateful for the very high price that You paid for Your children. We also pray for a spirit of generosity as we still struggle with the reality of sin in our souls. In Your special name, we pray. Amen.

Jane deGlint Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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