The Choice

The Choice


"At that very time Jesus cured many who had diseases, sicknesses and evil spirits, and gave sight to many who were blind." (Luke 7:21, NIV)

In Africa there is hardly anyone who does not believe in evil spirits; for most recognize that they have experienced these evil minions of the devil. In the Western world, however, there is hardly anyone who believes in evil spirits, and few, if any, notice when someone is possessed. Most think this could never happen to them, and as a result, they donít even recognize how evil spirits can begin to have a foothold in our lives.

It all has pretty innocent beginnings, or so we think. The truth is, drugs, pornography, theft, hatred, unforgiveness, and so many other things can open the doors of our hearts to the devil, who truly does exist. When we enter into the domain of the evil one, the demons rejoice, for they now have the possibility of dominating us.

Unfortunately, not only do we not recognize that this happens, but many donít even want to be freed.

A former pastor I knew had fallen deep into pornography and child molestation. As a result, he lost his home, his ministry and his family. After serving prison time, he moved into a dark, dingy apartment, and every penny he was able to beg or borrow went back into supporting his habits of pornography and other sexual perversions.

I tried to reach this former pastor several times, but he simply wasn't interested in being delivered. He didn't even want to hear about God. This was so sad to me, because I know that evil spirits hate God, and eventually the possessed will not want to hear about God either.

Such individuals can still be freed, but only if, on their own accord, they want to be free. It is so sad that so many seem to prefer to focus on the forbidden domain, and they refuse to hear about the genuine love that comes from God. It hurts to not be able to reach these individuals, but in these cases, all we can truly do is pray for them. And that is what I resolved to do for this pastor. I am sad to report that he recently died of a heart attack, and I do not know where his spiritual heart lay in those hours leading up to his untimely death.

Another time, I met a girl that was evidently possessed. She was speaking gibberish and not listening to anyone. Only when I spoke forth the name of Jesus did she stop her meaningless blabber and listened to me. Then she began to cry, and she was freed.

In this prayer ministry, we are often asked to pray for people who need deliverance from evil spirits, and through the name of Jesus, these spirits must leave. After all, the One who heals is Jesus Christ.

I would like to share with everyone who is walking in the forbidden domain that you are putting yourself at risk of demon possession. Sadly, we donít have to believe in evil spirits for them to overtake us, but the good news is, you can be freed! Don't wait any longer. Reach out to Jesus today!

Rob Chaffart

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