The Real Test. Hope in the Distance, Part 9

The Real Test. Hope in the Distance, Part 9

Sunset on Lake Superior

This devotional is based on Genesis 42-45

As foreseen in the dreams of the Pharaoh, famine came with vengeance, but thanks to God, He warned about this catastrophe, and Egypt had enough food even for other civilizations.

Jacob had no choice but to send his oldest sons to get food from Egypt. Jacob did not send Benjamin. He was afraid that Joseph's brother would end like Joseph. No way would he want him to be harmed.

When Joseph's oldest siblings came to Joseph, they didn't recognize him. They bowed to Joseph, as the dream he had seen years ago.

Joseph wanted to see that his brothers had changed. He had to test them. He accused them to be spies.

"No way!" They said.

He asked about his father and sons and he found out that they had a young sibling named Benjamin.

Joseph asked to bring Benjamin to Egypt. He would keep one of the brothers to stay in an Egypt's prison until the youngest sibling would come to Egypt.

Now the real test will come for his brothers. Did they change.

When they came home they found in their bags the silver coins. What would Egypt think about that. They didn't know what to do.

When the food became stare, they had no choice but To go to Egypt for food. However, the ruler wanted to see the youngest sibling. If he was not there, especially since they had received their silver back, they would be accused as spies.

Jacob was in tears. What will happen if Benjamin never comes back? They came back to Egypt. They took double the silver to give to the ruler.

They received the food. The day they left from Egypt, Joseph chip had disappears. It was found in the back of Benjamin. Due to the theft, Benjamin would become the slave if Joseph.

Finally the colors of his brothers showed up. Judah came and begged that Benjamin would be freed. His dad would die if he never see his younger son again.

Joseph could not hold his tears finally he said: "I am Joseph!" His brothers were amazed.

He called his brothers and told them"it wasn't you who sent me here but God." Joseph had forgiven them a long time ago. He only wanted to know if he could trust them. They had changed. They were not the vindictive brothers any longer Now they cared of others.

They embraces Joseph. They were a family again, way stronger than in the past. Jacob's family were vindictive. They were not united. But now they have seen the light.

Forgiveness can change anything. Without forgiveness we will stay disunified.

In 1981 Pope John Paul 2 ride in his open car. Mehmet shot him 4 times. The pope was seriously hurt. He was brought immediately in the hospital. Here almost died.

Two years later, the pope visited Mehmet. He told him that he was forgiven. He gets his hands, the same hands who shot him.

When the pope left, Mehmet some hands with the pope.

Will you forgive those who have hurt you? You can be freed from the past wrings. Our Father can make you free.

Joseph's brothers were in prison in their mind. Forgiveness opened the doors way open and this family became united.

Hope is at the horizon. Grab it and enjoy!

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