I'll See You in Heaven

Thank you, Mom and Dad,
for the little time we had together.
Now I'm on my way to Heaven,
and without you, it will seem forever.

As I strolled through Heaven's Gates,
I was greeted by a Heavenly Host.
They said, "Follow us, oh, little one.
We will show you who loves you most."

"Look through Heaven's portals."
As I gazed through the portal
looking down ... there you stood,
Mom and Dad,
with a bright light all around.

Now, I know you are not alone.
I saw Jesus by your side.
He will help you with all your sorrow.

With you, He will always abide.
I asked our Lord, here in Heaven,
as He sat me on His knee,
"Please, when it's time for you both to come,
that your souls will again be with me."

I know it's hard for you to understand
that my time there on earth was so very short.
But, always keep me in your memories
As we keep our love alive in each other's heart.

Look toward the heavens.
You will see my star shining bright.
Thank God for all of your blessings.
I'll visit you in your dreams each night.

I love you more than when you gave me birth.
And, I thank you for the life, to me, you gave.
A crown of pearls is waiting for each of you.
For, my soul you gave to Him to save.

Written in loving memory of my grandson,
by your Grandfather Pop Pop

by Leslie M. Willson, Sr.

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