The Lord's Salad Bowl

I sat down to dinner last night and sitting there on the table was the most beautiful freshly tossed salad I had ever laid my eyes on. (Mrs. Durango had truly outdone herself with this masterpiece). It consisted of a variety of vegetables . . .

There was radicchio, iceberg and romaine lettuce, There were Vidalia onions, fresh scallions and radishes . . . Mushrooms, artichokes, plum tomatoes and just a hint of garlic. It was a sight to behold, all those different vegetables and the variety of colors mixed together in that big salad bowl.

I sat there thinking about that big bowl of salad sitting in front of me . . . All those different vegetables, all the different colors and all of the different tastes mixed together to make that perfect salad. I thought about how each vegetable played an important roll in the make up of that salad.

I thought about how Our Lord made each of those vegetables with a particular flavor of it's own . And how that salad wouldn't have been the same without each and everyone of those flavors. The salad wouldn't have been the same had any one of those ingredients been missing. Together though, they were the perfect salad . . . With anything missing it would have been something less.

Then I thought about how God created each and every individual to be a little different . . . Each individual having a "flavor" of their own . . . I thought of the various denominations, races and religions . . . All different . . . But each a vital part in the big salad bowl of Our Lord's perfect plan . . . And as such we are all equal "ingredients" in the perfect Will of God . . .

So where do any of us get off harboring prejudices against any other individual?

Just a thought.


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