The Mask

When tragedy strikes our lives

And we have no where to go
We try and find a special place
Where we can be alone
And yet we have to be seen
And many eyes might know
If they look into the window
Of our very own soul
I try and hide those feelings
Time has taught me how
I wear my special mask
No one knows what I feel now
I put my mask on with company
For they can now not see
How much my heart is hurting
When they are talking to me
I wear my mask in public
When things get me down
I've learned to turn my mask into a smile
When before it wore a frown
With my mask on my face
I can walk anywhere I want to go
And no one can see my heart
And what I truly feel and know
I wear my mask on Christmas
And nobody really knows
Though I might be smiling
My heart is aching so
I wear it on my child's birthday
It can stop the tears that will fall
My mask helps me so many times
Remembering the day the angels called
I take my mask off at night
And gently lay it aside
And then I can be myself
And lay there and cry
Remembering all the good things
My life once held for me
Thinking about my child
And how things used to be
I never lose my mask
For it has been my guide
It hides my heart and feelings
And helps put the pain aside
My heart is invisible
That's how I want it to be
For now I can walk through life
Without questions being asked of me
We all can find a mask
And hide our very souls
From those who will never understand
What is a broken heart and soul
Sharon Bryant
copyright 2002

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