Night Time Memories

In the middle of the night
When the world is fast asleep
I lie awake thinking
Sometimes I weep
Sometimes the night
Brings a gentle summer rain
Sometimes a winter
Brings a cold hard pain
I think so often
When I'm all alone
Of our life when you were here
Before the angels called you home
I can let myself cry
Where eyes cannot see
Thinking of our life together
When you were here with me
I think about heaven
And if you are ok
I think of all the angels
That walk with you everyday
Sometimes the night time
Fills me with emotion
Unlike the days
When life holds so much commotion
I like the quietness of night
When no one can hear
My tear drops falling
On my pillow so near
Sometimes no one
Ever really knows
How hard life can be
As any bereaved parent knows
I like to hear the patter
Of the gentle rain that falls
And the whisper of the wind
Through the trees so tall
I remember the many times
In the middle of the night
When you had a nightmare
And I made everything all right
I remember the night time
And tucking you in bed
How I brushed your little bangs
And kissed your tiny head
Sometimes those memories hurt
In the middle of the night
But then I think of heaven
And know that you're all right
I know God is watching
And taking care of you for me
But for now I'll lie awake and remember
How things once used to be
In the middle of the night
When the world is fast asleep
I'll say your favorite prayer my child
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep...
Sharon Bryant

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