Out of the Rut

"What do I tell a friend who is about to lose his job because he is resistant to change?" - Thomas G.

Following a seminar on love-based leadership, a gentleman in his 50s took me aside and said, "I like what you are telling me, but I'm too old to try a new management style. I served in the Marines and the military mode of supervision is in my blood."

"Are you married?" I asked. "Yes, we just celebrated our 25th anniversary," he proudly told me.

"Well, did your wife decide to marry you because you were demanding and controlling?" "No," he countered. "With her it's totally different. She tells me I am the most loving guy in the world."

"I think it's time for a change" I encouraged him. "You need that same reputation at the office."

There's a great danger of staying in a rut. In France research has been conducted on what are called "processionary" caterpillars. These little creatures travel in long lines, simply following their leader. They march forward at the same pace, without considering their final destination. In one experiment a group of caterpillars were placed on the rim of a large flowerpot - with the leader of the group nose-to-tail with the last one in procession. It was a perfect circle and they kept going around and around.

In the middle of the flowerpot was a great cache of food. Yet the caterpillars kept circling, day after day, night after night. After seven days, one by one, they began dying of starvation.

Before it is too late, make a decision to alter your pattern.

Neil Eskelin jumpstartlist@neileskelin.com

Now is the day of salvation! Will you make the decision to accept jesus in your life?

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