The Unexpected Answer

My friend has been a pastor for many years, and he received an unexpected answer to prayer in his early days in the ministry...

Pastor Dave got a call from a young couple in the church, and it was bad news. The husband had just been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. Pastor Dave hurried to the hospital where they were waiting.

When the pastor arrived, he felt led by God to pray a very bold prayer for total healing. "Lord," he prayed with the young couple, "in the name of Jesus, we ask for complete and total healing."

Later, the pastor went about his errands. One day several weeks later he returned home to find a message waiting for him. The young man had died of his cancer-related illness. Pastor Dave was heartbroken for this poor young lady, who was no facing life alone. But more than that, he was angry with God. He had prayed in faith for total healing, but now he was humiliated. How could he face this young lady again?

His faith in God had been so shaken that he sat down at his desk and began to write his letter of resignation, muttering to God the whole time. When he had finished, he left it on his desk and headed out the door. He couldn't put it off any longer; he had to go visit the grieving widow.

His stomach was in knots as he pulled into the driveway. He had no idea what he would say. He rang the doorbell and waited. Moments later, she opened the door and threw her arms around him sobbing

"Thank you so much!" She cried. "My husband is totally healed now, at home with Jesus!"

God showed Pastor Dave something about his sovereignty that day. God had answered his prayer in a completely unexpected way, and her husband had experienced a deeper healing and wholeness in heaven than he could ever have hoped for on earth. God always has a plan, and His timing is always perfect!

Scott Graffius

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