What Seems to be a Problem to You, Never Occurred to Me to Be a Problem

Again, being awakened around 3 a.m. I was made fully aware that the Lord was trying to get my attention and reveal a Truth that would help me in everything I would ever be faced with for the rest of my life!

My mind not yet fully awake, I said, “What do You mean?” Then gently, as only God can do, God said, “Back off, listen to Me and I’ll explain.”

So, here I am, wide awake, at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, being as quiet as possible, waiting for God to further develop my faith with His wit, and wisdom, as only He can do! And believe me, it is during these quiet times that often our spirits can communicate back and forth with our Heavenly Father, and that He can impart wisdom, knowledge and understanding into our hearts! God, said, “Did it ever occur to you, that what seems to be a problem to you, never occurred to me to be a problem?” I responded, “What do you mean?” He answered, “A situation, or condition becomes a problem only when you have no answer, or solution. Now, if l Am the True Source of all your need, and if all resources are at My disposal, if l Am your solution, then where is your problem?”

When we look at a particular situation, or circumstance that has the makings of a real doozy, a genuine stomach jerker, or a compounded migraine, and we begin to feel sick inside, like we are sinking, then the one and only reason is because we have stopped, meditated and spoke contrary to God’s Word and have taken our eyes off of Him and His Blessed Promises to Provide!!!

If God, is the source of all we will ever need, regarding any and everything, then where is our problem? It resides in the truth that we have failed to trust God in the darkest hours of our wilderness journey!!

God then gave me a very easy to understand example. He said, “Take a 3rd grade student and ask the child, What is 3 x 3?” She, or he will reply, “Nine!” Why? Because, they are at that level of development in arithmetic. However, don ‘t ask them “What is 12 x 12?” Why? Because, they have not reached that dimension in mathematics and it is a real problem to them. Yet, at the same time don ‘t ask a high school senior, because they are so far above that stage in math, it would be elementary to them!”

What God was trying to get across to me was the deeper we grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ, the more developed we become in His Truths! It is these Truths, God’s Word, that builds faith!

So, what He was saying in essence was, “If you have the answer, then where is your problem?” You have none!

He continued speaking, “Remember, I told you previously Satan was not my children's problem, because he was defeated at Calvary, by my Son, Jesus Christ! Their real trouble and problem is they cannot trust me in their darkest hours!

Right now untold numbers are asking, “Can I furnish a table in their wilderness??” This shows there is no real trust!”

He further said, “They have yet to come into My inner-circle of peace, love and trust!” It has not yet occurred to them, that it never occurred to Me that the situation they are in is not a problem! Not only can I furnish a table in any type of wilderness, I hung the world you are living on in a universe with billions of galaxies like your galaxy, the “Milky way,” and asked no one for assistance!”

“Be as it may, furnishing your daily needs, or getting you out of troubles is but a small thing in Mv sight!!!” What God is trying to make known unto to you and me, is if only we would let Him, He would love to walk hand in hand with each of His children through every wilderness experience we could ever face, and on top of that lead us to complete victory into our promised land of provisions!!

Dr. Raleigh D. Jenkins, With Permission, God Will Provide! P. 144 -147.

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