Where Were You When My Son Died?

How often I am reminded, when going into a training or developmental session God has chosen for me, of an article I read once of a dear mother who had lost her only child, a son, in an auto accident.

The article disclosed, the youth, a 17-year-old, model child, and student, who never gave his mom or dad any trouble, was called out of this life so young! The mother, broken, and so distraugh4 became bitter and totally resentful of God as she cried out in soul anguish, again and again; “WHERE WERE YOU GOD WHEN MY CHILD NEEDED YOU?” This silence, wit/i no apparent answer, drove her into a deeper abyss of total darkness. She found herself going into recluse with an enormous gulf separating her from the God she had been in love with since she was a young child!

How many of us can identify with her? I know I can! And, I’m sure, somewhere looking back over the pages of our walk with Jesus, most everyone can. Yet, it doesn't stop there! No, she has something else to say! After suffering in a dungeon of hatred and bitterness; not allowing anyone to talk to her about God’s Grace and Goodness, one day alone crying, (this had become her lifestyle) she bellowed out in a scream, “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN MY SON DIED?”

Removed, as she so often wanted to be and being exhausted, she fell across the bed; however, within a few moments, a silence came into the bedroom, and a tender, loving voice spoke back to bier: “THE SAME PLACE I WAS WHEN MY SON DIED!”

Dr. Raleigh D. Jenkins, With Permission, God Will Provide! P. 32, 33

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