Almighty God

We know Thou art almighty oh Lord, more than any wind or sea.

Thou art all Holy, in the kingly fashion, it ought always to be.

Mighty storms rage, tornados sweep a town away like it was a fly,

But oh the power of my God is mightier than this mountain standing by.

Come back to the Fathers fold, lean on Him today and every day.

He is the light of the world, He is, in the oceans of life, our mighty mainstay.

Though quakes come and bombs fall in the air every day of our life,

He is our All Mighty God, who can take away all the burdensome strife.

All Mighty God, stay in my heart, let the streams of life flow free and clear,

As we acknowledge Thee as our Savior and Redeemer year after year. The hurricanes stir up the oceans, might in strength, and ardor there,

But we always know in our hearts, that we can call on Thee in Prayer.

Safely knowing you will be there, to take away the pain and fear,

For Thou art the Mighty God of our fathers, who were always standing near.

Keep us safe Oh my God, we know still waters runneth always deep, And we know also that Thou art there, to watch o'er Thy loving sheep.

Though the valleys are green and the mountains hard to climb for mere man,

We have pleasure in knowing our mighty and powerful Savior can.

He is my foundation, he is my stay in all things, He is my first love,

And I know, though powerful and giant things appear, so much more my God above.

Copyright Pearlie Duncan Walker

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