As I Look Upon Your Face

As I look upon your dear face
(Filled with love, lined with grace),
As you sleep there in your dreams ...
I see you going back to our youth, it seems.

Back unto the years gone by, I see the tear in thy eye
And I remember the sweet bliss of your tender kiss.  I, too, start to cry.
Why cant we go back?  Why, I ask of you?
Would it be too big a task to do?
Only deep down, we know we really want to be here,
Where we are, with each other; not far, but near.
One day, we may awake and find it was all a dream.
Wed surely be young and spry, it would seem.
Still, as we look back, it makes us know, somehow,
That things are sweeter in the golden glow of the stars, now;
With age creeping up, standing beside us where eer we go.
But, who are we to say old isnt good?  It is, I know.
For, many make it every century, just as the ones before.
So, we will, too, and well love, if possible, after death, even more;
As the Angels come to take us upon a cloud, to ride
Softly and swiftly into the Heavens above, maybe about eventide.
Then, well be together forever, you and I.
On yonder shores, oer the skies above, we shalt not cry.
For, this is our dream, after all, for all of eternity to be
With the Glories of Heaven and Jesus to be with you and me.
Our family, please follow closely, too.  Be with us there.
This is our wish for you all, our fervent prayer.
For, we go on in each of you and, whatever good we have been,
You do even better.  Make this world a place that can be lived in, again.
2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker

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