Choose or Be Chosen

My younger stepson had just completed his turn around from booze, poor attitude and drugs. He felt he needed for some of his friends to be exposed to my attitude and viewpoints on life. One of his friends we will call John was a Satan worshiper as were both of his parents. Both of my stepsons were convinced of his power. Mark told me John had an alter in his room and when he prayed to Satan, things would actually rise from the floor.

I told Mark, "Yes, I believe he can do this things, but he can not do them in our home because our home is built on a different power. Invite him over and we can talk."

A few days later Mark brought John in and he bragged about his power.

"Yes, but you have no power here." I replied.

"You are correct" John said, "I have no power here."

John did respect me and wondered about my 'power' of faith. I challenged him to read one of my books, not the bible, and I would read his satanic bible. He agreed and we swapped books. We also agreed to meet in one week to discuss what we had read.

A week passed and I read his satanic bible and he read the book I gave him written by Doctor Moody, 'Life After Death', a book about near death experiences. We met and I started the conversation by stating, "I will speak some truths today and some lies."

John responded, "That is not fair, how can I tell if you are telling the truth or not?"

"Exactly my point John." I continued, "Your satanic bible states that Satan is the prince of liars and deceit is okay to use if you benefit from it. So what can you believe in his bible, if anything."

I scored a point with John. God 1, Satan 0.

"Your bible says it is okay to kill someone if they are bad. If you saw someone robbing a store, would you kill them?" I asked.

"Yes, they are bad people and need to be put away." John explained.

"Well in my Bible, we had many people who committed wrong acts but later repented, Saul later Paul admitted his part in a murder. Sampson laid with a prostitute, David had a man sent to die so he could take his wife. All of these acts are evil, but all were forgiven when these people asked for forgiveness. In your bible, Satan would take away the opportunity for forgiveness." I continued.

"Wow I never thought of that." John said.

Score God 2, Satan 0.

"What did you think about the near death experiences?" I queried.

"It made me think, there is something else out there." John mentioned.

I asked John, "In your bible when you die, that is all there is. However, simply stated, either one of two things happen when we die; we die and cease to exist or something else happens. The book by Dr Moody suggests something else happens. I would suggest it is far better to err on the side of safety and leave your religion and search for a new meaning."

Final score Satan 0, God one new soul.

Bottom line, John left his parent's home and moved in with his grandmother. From her home he attended a private Christian school. His grades went from C's and D' in the public school system to A's and B's in private school. He forever turned his back on the evil in life and accepted Jesus and Christianity. The last I heard from him he was a lead guitar player in a Christian rock band, married and doing okay.

BJ Cassady Guthrie, Oklahoma

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