In Memory of Sean

Feb 27, 1999 - Oct 25, 2002

I was here for such a short time

And it was so full of pain.

God used me in many ways

Some will never be the same.


Don't wonder why and how

Just believe God used little me

Some to soften, some to be brave

Some in the heart where you can't see.


God does nothing in vain

He takes a curse and gives a blessing

Just know that now

In God's arms, I am resting.


Mom, Dad, Family and friends

Do not cry for me and be sad

You will never know the joy

Here with God, I am so glad


You will be here to see me

When God calls you back home

And you will see all the angels

You'll know I've not been alone.


Mourn for me, think well of me

But know, God doesn't make mistakes

I had a great purpose on earth.

And it was all for your sakes.


I wish you could see what I now see

And know this enveloping love

Just keep your eyes on Jesus

Keep your eyes on what’s above


This is what it is all about

God's wonderful love for us

This is what you keep in mind

And in God put your trust.


I'll close now....dear ones all

Boy can I jump and run

You see God kept all this for me

And all us kids here are having fun


Love and kisses are on the winds

Hugs and smiles drift slowly by

Just remember dear ones all

No more for you have to cry.


I am with God...

Valetta Lucas

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