Joshua at Jericho

The Battle

Joshua was a righteous soul,
A brave leader of the Israelites.
While waiting on the Lord's command,
He kept Jericho in his sights.

Now, God had sent an angel,
Dressed in armored clad,
To destroy the city of Jericho
And give to Joshua God's plan.

Joshua thought God's plan was strange.
He'd never heard of such a thing!
So, how could trumpets blowing,

with seven priests in all,
Cause a giant city such as Jericho to fall?

But, Joshua knew the Lord
was the wisest one of all ...
And by following His plan,
that Jericho would fall.
So a special group of warriors
marched once around the wall
And seven priests, with rams horns,
to blow the bugle call.

For six days and nights,
the warriors and the priests
Marched around the city blowing once,
and then they ceased.
Then on the seventh day,
the priest blew seven times aloud.
Then, the giant walls of Jericho fell
and you could hear the screaming crowd.

Then, throughout the land of Canaan,
Joshua's name was surely dread.
For everyone knew, God was Commander and Chief
Of the army he had led.

2001 by Vickie Lambdin

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