The Lamb of Mary

Mary chose a precious Lamb
Whose life was pure and white,
A choice she made with greatest care
That made her soul feel right.

She took Him everywhere she went;
To school, at play, and working.
She found her peers just loved her more,
No danger round her lurking.

One day, the rules began to change,
"Just leave your Lamb at home,"
And everyone could feel the change
When Mary came alone.

"Take down the crosses from your hills!
And, no more 'in the mangers'
Shall sit upon the government ground,
Don’t want to see your angels."

Mary couldn’t understand
Why goodness must be censored.
She noticed that the language changed.
No one blushed at any gesture.

The things that used to spur her heart
Were laughed at and be-ridden
And stories, told where she could hear,
Brought shame and blushes, hidden.

One day, Mary saw a sign that read
That all that’s ever needed
For evil to win and hold the throne
Was for good men to do nothing.

She led her Lamb, so willingly.
She told of His atonement.
She put His picture on the wall
And hung up His commandments.

With these in sight, her peers all winced
For all their folly, wasted,
Was measured, now, and found in want,
And fools were those who’d tasted.

Oh, fools rebelled and threatened loss.
But, Mary stood, undaunted,
And found, quite soon, a great brigade
With her Lamb; strong and gallant!

A price to pay  ah, yes, but then,
Mary counted up her blessings;
The comradeship, the honor her Lord
Promised  just for asking.

All this was dung (so Paul had said).
For, time would soon be timeless.
She chose (there was no choice but One)
The White Lamb of the Ages!

© 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner 

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