Let Me do it with Grace

As my life, here, on earth
Has come to the shorter side,
I've walked in Your footsteps, my Lord,
And in Your shelter I abide.

Though, the time has passed so swiftly
And its passage shows on my face.
But, Lord, if I am dying,
Let me do it with Your grace.

If You would grant a few more years,
I would be more blessed.
For, I have a few more things to do
Before I come home to rest.

If I am coming home to You,
Before I choose to leave this place,
Then, my gracious Father,
Let me do it with Your grace.

My children, Lord, don't serve you.
Please, help me draw them in.
How it grieves my heart and Yours
To watch them live in sin.

But, if it not be Thy will
To let me set this pace,
Then, in Your precious mercy,
To live or die with grace.

So many things I have started
And, for a little longer, I would ask
That I might not leave here, Lord,
With an unfinished task.

Lord, I pray that I have humbly lived
And when running one last race,
Even though I am sad at leaving,
Just let me do it with grace.

When my spirit takes its leave
As the mighty eagle flies
upward, ever upward, higher still,
Gone from earthly eyes ...

Then, with my humble spirit freed
To transcend both time and space,
'Til I reach heavens shore,
Let me live or die.
Let me do it with Your grace.
2003 by Sandra Griffin

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