Tso-Po-Tao's Sacrifice

Once when preaching in China (Taiwan), I tried to do so Chinese-style. I told my listeners a story from the Chuen-Chin period of Chinese history (15'h B.C.)

Tso-Po-Tao went on a journey with Yang-Chao-Ai, during which they were overtaken by a heavy snowstorm. Unprepared for this, they had neither the clothing nor the food to survive. Tso-Po-Tao offered to undress and give all his clothing and food to Yang-Chao-Ai so that he at least might be saved. Yang refused, but in vain. Tso was already naked and half-frozen. Tso died, and Yang's life was spared.

As is my custom, I had thought much upon my sermon before delivering it. In deep meditation, one has a sense of the reality of the persons who pass through the mind. It was almost as if I had heard with my own ears the words of Tso-Po-Tao: "I give my body for you." I saw him undressing while the snow fell. After removing his jacket and feeling the sharp cold, he surely must have felt a strong temptation to keep at least his shirt for himself. But his face shone more and more. His features became even more determined. He did not stop before he was completely naked, like the first couple in paradise, who had no cause for shame. I marvelled at his sacrifice and admired him as yang-Chao-Ai must have admired him. Certainly his surviving friend would never forget this moment that held the grandeur of eternity.

Wurmbrand, Richard. In the Face of Surrender. North Brunswick, NJ, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1998, p. 11-12. Www.persecution.com

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