A Lesson from the Wrens

Romans 10:11 Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.

We did everything possible to discourage the little wrens from building their nest on the fluorescent light fixture on our carport, outside the kitchen door. They were determined. Even though the nest fell two or three times before they found a way to secure it, she and her mate never gave up hope. When portions of their nest crumbled; with determination they patched it, until finally the nest was secure.

We were completely fascinated with the little creatures by this time. The mother laid her eggs and began the process of "sitting on them." But she had a major problem--everytime we opened the back door she flew away. This door is the main entrance to our home. You can imagine on an average day how much we go in and out the door.

"Maybe she'll learn to trust us", we said. She should understand by now, we do not intend her harm." We were concerned that with all her interruptions and the "cooling of her eggs" they would not hatch, but she hatched out 3 baby wrens.

Nature had programmed self-preservation into the little wrens. Regardless of how we tried to show them we would not harm them, or their babies, they would not trust us.

We human beings are a lot like the wren family. We are determined to have our own way. We find it equally hard to trust. Like the wrens, in their determination to build their nest where they wanted to build, they overlooked the consequence of their action---complete fear and constant frustration. We humans demand our own way. Many times we make decisions like the wrens that leave our lives filled with fear and frustration.

This is the price we pay for free will. Like the birds, we have a hard time trusting. We have lives that are filled with frustration. How simple it would be for the mother wren to trust us. We have proven to her for weeks now;we intend her no harm. In fact, we've done all in our power to accommodate her.

God must feel the same way about us. He's done everything possible for us. Why can't we trust him?

Contributed by Ivie Bozeman ivie@rose.net

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