The Straying Daughter

Early in 1998, a distressed mother living in Chicago sought the Lord on behalf of her teenage daughter. This girl had already fallen heavily into drugs, even supporting herself as a prostitute in England for a time. She was back in the States, but her mom, whom we'll call "Angle," had no idea where she was. Still, through prayer, she was convinced that God would bring her daughter back and save her soul. (We'll call the girl "Louise.") Angie called a local Teen Challenge and asked them to hold a bed for Louise, assuring them that soon her straying daughter would return-and she was right!

Several days later, Louise called home, telling her mom that she just had to get out of the place where she was living. She even said that she would give Teen Challenge a try, although she was not yet saved. When she got home, her mother and stepfather decided to take her down to Florida to see her grandparents before getting her into the rehab program. As they were driving, Angie felt the Lord say to her, "Go to Pensacola." So she told her husband what she heard God say, and they agreed to drive a little out of their way to stop by Pensacola. It turned out to be hundreds of miles across state!

But here is the fascinating part of the story. When they arrived at a hotel in the city, Angie asked the desk clerk, "Is there anything religious going on here?" She had no idea that the largest local-church revival in the history of America had been taking place in Pensacola for the previous two and a half years! Of course, the clerk told the family of the revival-the local hotels in Pensacola have maps to the revival at the front desk-and they attended the meetings. Louise was dramatically converted and baptized, and she checked into Teen Challenge a brand-new person. Through the prayers of her mother, God made a way of escape for her, bringing her back from England to the States, then from Illinois to Pensacola, then from the revival to a proven Christian rehabilitation ministry. He will do whatever it takes!

Excerpt taken from Michael L. Brown's book, entitled Go and Sin No More, p. 191, published by Regal Books and available through ICN Ministries .

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