Winged Messenger

One morning I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to figure out how I was going to pay all of our bills on time. Even though my husband and I both had good jobs, it was still a struggle. Raising three kids, the expense of schooling them, and all the extras that always cropped up, had taken a toll on our finances. The children were out of the household, but the bills were still a problem.

Years of robbing Peter to pay Paul, had finally caught up with us. Stressed out and over worked, I just could not see any ray of sunshine to brighten my day. As I sat there looking out our glass patio door, I asked the Lord for guidance. Surely he knew a way to keep everything afloat for awhile longer until things started looking up. The wolf was not only at the door that day, but seemed to be nipping at my heels.

With my mind thus occupied, I was suddenly startled by a loud whack on the patio door. As I looked out, I was just as stunned as the young woodpecker that had flown into the glass. Going to the door for a closer look, my heart went out to the small bird as it lay on the concrete. My troubles flew from my mind, as I checked to see if the tiny bird was alive. I tapped on the glass, hoping to see some movement, for I didn't want to startle the bird by picking it up, nor did I want a sharp peck from its tiny beak.

As time ticked by, I stood there looking at its little body, hoping to see some sign of life. I wanted that little bird to make it. I knew it was a young bird, just starting to enjoy life. It still had the world to explore, perhaps a nest to build one day, and a family of woodpeckers to feed. Please God, I prayed, just let the bird be okay. I wanted that bird to fly away; I needed that bird to fly away. I needed to hear from God, not only for the bird, but for myself as well that day.

After awhile, I sat back down at the kitchen table. So much time had passed, and there was still no sign that the tiny bird was alive. I went back to by bills, saddened, but somehow a small ray of hope for the bird persisted. Suddenly, hope for my own troubles started growing within my heart as well, giving me a new perspective on my situation.

Thinking back, I recalled the many times through my life things had looked hopeless, but God had always made a way. He had always been there for me through thick and thin, even when I could not perceive his presence. How foolish of me to forget! Hadn't I learned through my lifetime, that there truly was nothing to fear but fear itself? As the truth of this flooded within me, fear and doubt suddenly lifted from my mind. Smiling, I had my answer from God. All I had to do was walk in faith, trusting him to do the rest.

As these thoughts stirred within me, I had almost forgotten the little bird. Glancing out my patio door, I was elated to see that the bird had only been stunned by the impact, just as I had been stunned by the impact of my situation. Shaking it's tiny head, it hopped a couple of times and flew away, reaffirming that as the bible teaches us, God's eye is on the sparrow and therefore, I know he is watching over me.

By Judy Spikes

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