Christ Lives To End Your Worry

It sounds real odd and it’s hard to explain, exactly what happened to me

For one of God’s angels revealed some truths, my vision cleared to see


In glorified white and all aglow, was God’s bearer of such Good News

I’d heard the Gospel many times before, why me this day He’d choose?


“My Child,” the angel uttered, “I’ve come that you will fully trust…

And stop worrying about your money, the oughts, the shoulds, the musts.”


Shocked but not confounded, I asked His herald to speak to enlighten

The cherub drew nearer and spoke much clearer, “You worry and live so frightened…


I’ve watched over you since your very first breath, and kept you safe these many years…

You saw me not in the room with you, when you birthed through joy wrought tears…


You know of Him who sent me, in your mind through scriptures read…

But the awareness of His love for you, still remains only in your head.”


“What are you saying to me right now?” I asked in angst and much hurry

“I’m asking that you trust with your heart, Christ died to end your worry…


Your task on earth is to spread His love, His peace and to do His will…

Not fret about what’s in His control, like your child, your health, your bills…


I came to you that you might believe, and put an end to your fretful brow

Yet the choice is yours as it’s always been, to let go right here, right now.”


I closed my eyes to ask forgiveness, for my poor trust and disbelief

And opened my eyes to the dimming glow, of the angel who’d brought me peace


“What are you saying to me right now?” you ask in angst and much hurry

“I’m asking that you trust with your heart, Christ lives to end your worry…


“For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” –Romans 11:29


Brian Jett © 2003

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