Down By the Seashore

As I sat ‘pon the sandy beach, ‘neath the old, blue mountain, high,

I saw a fog coming down and sensed my Savior, standing nigh.

I pondered on this for hours, asking Jesus, “in my heart, to come inside.”

That He might sup with me and me with He, by the ebbing tide.


He honored me that day, as He came in and made my heart, brand new.

It was a joyful day in my life; He is so forgiving, won’t you come on too?

The sea gulls circled o’er and o’er, screaming, to say, this is my place,

But I just shooed them away and smiled, as I knew God had seen my face.


The mountain looked all the bluer; streams flowed along the crooked mile.

But, my heart was so much brighter, since Jesus put, ‘pon my face, a smile.

For all the right reasons of Gods Son, He let my heart know

That where e’er in life I was bound, He would with me surely go.


Because He came unto me, to minister to my thoughts, that day, long ago,

I’ll be with Him there, beyond the crystal sea, somehow, this I know.

He would never leave me stranded, ‘pon a sandy beach without a ship, you see...

to steer into the harbor, safe and sound, my Savior, Master of the sea.


When this life is o’er and it’s yonder, beyond the mountain I’ll be, with He

Who steered my ship. He brought me to a home that’s so heavenly.

I love the seashore, even more, as I met He, who died on a Cross-for me.

So, in remembrance of a Savior, I sit at the mountaintop, looking ‘pon the sea.


©Pearlie Duncan Walker

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