A Lamp Unto My Feet

As I walk along life’s highway, my path is straight and right.

I walk unto the guidance of my Lord; He is unto my feet a light.

Softly glowing throughout my soul, day in and day out.

I have a close relationship with Him; that’s without a doubt.


He tells me to keep my lamp lit, that all may see my light and know,

That where e’er on this highway I walk, they may, with me go.

That we might see a river, flowing, with water crystal blue,

And where my Savior walked dear God, Id like, to walk there too.


Lord, let me be an inspiration, to the many in Thy precious fold,

Let my lamp so shine, that all Thy children could be bold.

In the word of my Savior, let us walk and talk with Thee

So, when we leave this old earth, in Heaven there we’ll be.


Lord, put a light unto my pathway, that it may ever lead me home.

In this, old world, of sin, and sorrow, never more to roam,

Let me trust Thy guidance, sweet Savior, until the path is free and clear.

And God, let me bring my loved ones to you, so to Thee, they will be near.


Help us through all troubles that Satan might send, to darken our way.

Help us to remember our Savior, how we’ll be with Him, in that day.

Quicken my soul oh Lord, let Thy message to me be clear and precise.

As we listen with our hearts and Glory with our souls, let us follow and be wise.


©Pearlie Duncan Walker wildfern@comcast.net

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