Only By His Grace

Only by my wonderful Savior's grace
That I am at peace and happy in this place

There have been heartache, sickness and death
In my world that I have experienced this year
Only by his grace can I sing and laugh today
He is always listening and answering as I pray
He did not promise that all would be contentment
That is the reason I feel his presence and have no
There should be no bitterness when things go wrong
He should not get blamed for all the times I am not strong
How often I blame God for the situation I am in
It is not his fault that I have chosen to sin
Only by his wonderful grace I have the peace within
I am so thankful that he was with me through it all
He touched my brow with his tender touch
When I needed him most, he let me know he loved
me so very much
Only by his grace I can sit and write
Only by his grace that I have my sight

Sarah Berthelson

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