Stop worrying!

"I worry about them. I can't help it. I always will," she said.

"I hope so," he replied. "You should."

"But you always tell me I worry too much."

"You do. But usually about things you have no control over, no influence on at all, big or little."

"Like what?"

"How about those two deer you saw running through your yard today?"

"What about them?"

"You stood at the window praying for them. You watched them run down over the hill and you stood there praying for them."

"I just wanted God to guide them back up over the hill and away from the highway below."

"Did he?"

"I don't know. I waited. I saw them come up part way. But then I didn't see them any more."

"So, did God answer your prayer?"

"I don't know. I'm sure He did. "


"Because God watches over all and when I put things in His hands I don't need to worry anymore."

"Did you do everything you could for your children? Did you feed them, clothe them, make them well when they were sick?"

"Yes. You know I did."

"Did you pray for them?"

"Yes! I still do."



"You're telling me that God brought the deer safely back into the woods, but you don't trust Him with your kids?"

"That's different."

"The deer have a better chance in traffic. My kids are with my sister!"

"And she lives next door to you!"

"God, it's me. I need your help again. It's my sister!"

As silly as this all seems we do this all the time. We trust God for the little things and move on, but worry about how He'll handle the big things in our lives. Because we want it to be our way, not His.

He is God of all things, little and big.

Stop worrying!

Bob Perks

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