Thankful for Others

"I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers." - Ephesians 1:16

Howard Green was born and raised in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1915 and from Osgoode Hall in 1920. He served in the Canadian Army during World War One from 1915 to 1918. After passing the bar in 1922, he practiced law in Vancouver. In 1935, he was elected to the House of Commons. In 1959, he appointed Minister of External Affairs.

Soon after his appointment to that position, he traveled to London and asked the Canadian Diplomat George Ignatieff if he could borrow his office for a few hours. Assuming that the Honorable Mr. Green might have an appointment with several distinguished guests, Mr. Ignatieff asked if any special arrangements should be made. Yes, minister Green said, he would appreciate three cups of tea and biscuits.

Later, after the arrangements had been made, Ignatieff was invited in to meet Howard Green's guests ? Two older ladies who had nursed him after he'd been wounded in World War 1. Like them, George Ignatieff was deeply touched. Later in his memoirs, Ignatieff wrote: "Here he was, a key cabinet minister on an official visit to London, and the thing that was uppermost in his mind was to express his gratitude for an act of kindness extended to him more than 40 years before."

Are you thankful for what other people have contributed to your life? Today in prayer, give thanks to the Lord for these special individuals and then show them how grateful you are for them.

"No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks." - Ambrose of Milan

God's Word: "First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world." - Romans 1:8

By Peter Kennedy, Copyright 2003, Devotional E-Mail DEVOTIONS IN PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING

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