Will you Forgive me for all Those Cruelties?

Some time ago I was in Israel. There was a lot of hatred and tear in people's hearts. One evening a boy came up to me after a Service. I had spoken about the ocean of God's love, with which we come into contact through the Lord Jesus and how that love is available to us every day it we give the Holy Spirit room in our hearts. The boy said, "I thank God for today's message. The Lord has taken away all the hatred from my heart.

I can now forgive others completely. I tried before, but I couldn't do it; now I can do it through the Holy Spirit."

L remember speaking to a man in Germany. There was a dark­ness about him. He approached me after a meeting. Suddenly I recognized him. He was one of the guards in the Ravensbruck camp where my sister died and f suffered terribly. When I saw him, I remembered all the cruelties he had committed. At first, I felt bitterness in my heart. But then something happened. The man told me, "At Christmas I found the Lord Jesus. I brought all my sins to Him and I sought the grace to ask one of my victims for forgiveness. That's why I came. Will you forgive me for all those cruelties?" It was as if a stream of forgiving love surged through me. I was able to shake that man's hand. It was love through the Holy Spirit-because if you forgive your enemies you experience the ocean of God's love as never before.

Ten Boom, Corrie. Messages of God's Abundance. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 2002, p. 48-49.

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