Famous, yet Unknown

Let's imagine one who is famous in the most powerful nation on earth. He's a gifted and knowledge­able man. Everyone in his country knows of his greatness and fame. He is an inventor with the most outstanding and significant scientific contributions and discoveries known to man. He is the most outstanding athlete from this country. In fact, no one can compete with him in any arena in life. In addition to all this, he is the king and a very wise ruler. At every level and every place in the country, he is given tremendous respect and honor. Great parades and glorious receptions are held in his honor.

Now, what would happen if this king were to travel to another country where his position and greatness were unknown? What sort of reception would he receive in a strange country, inferior in every way to his great nation?

Although their greatest men are far below the caliber of this ruler, still this noble king decides to visit as an ordinary man without his royal robes, entourage of nobility, security force, counselors, and servants. He goes alone. How will he be treated?

To put it simply, he will be treated no differently than any other foreigner. Though this man is far greater than the might­iest of the nation, he will be given little or no respect. He may even be treated with contempt at times, simply because he is a foreigner. His inventions and scientific discoveries have greatly benefited this nation, yet still the people do not know him and therefore do not give him the respect and honor he deserves.

Now hear the account of John regarding Jesus, Immanuel, God manifested in the flesh:

He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. John 1:10-11

It is very sad that the One who created the universe and the very world we live in did not receive the reception and honor He deserved. Even more tragic, He came to His own, the ones who watched for him and knew His covenant, the ones He had deliv­ered time and again by His power; yet He did not receive honor. Though the people spoke of His coming, attended temple regularly in anticipation of His coming, and prayed for the benefits which would accompany His rule, they did not recognize Him when He came.

Excerpted from The Fear of the Lord by John Bevere, Charisma House 1997, p. 11-13. Www.charismahouse.com . Used with permission.

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