Help from Above

Isa 58:11 "The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame." NIV

Five years ago we left city life behind and moved to our new, rural neighbourhood. We moved from a 50 by 90 feet lot to 1 1/2 acres, and my lifelong dream of living in the country finally came true!

For the most part, country life was just exactly what we had hoped it would be. But there were one or two disadvantages that we quickly noted: Although our neighbors were very friendly, the lots were so large and the house so wide set, that it was more difficult to get to know them. To rectify this problem, my children created what I call a "think-of-the neighbour" event. Every time there is a special occasion (Thanksgiving day, Christmas, Easter,...) they go to our neighbour's houses and give them a present, letting them know we are thinking of them. You can't imagine how these events have brought us closer to one another! But sometimes it takes an emergency situation to really draw neighbors together . . .

Yesterday (May 14, 2004), was unusual warm . The whole week had been like that. As soon as I got home, I took out the lawn tractor to try and mow the "low lands", the part of our property that is virtually impossible to cut in Spring time, because it is so wet. Weeds love this part of our property, because they have free reign to grow as much as they want. But not yesterday! I was determined to conquer those weeds! The first half hour breezed by. Nothing could get us stuck! We were invincible! Until I reached a very innocent-looking piece of turf, that is! To my amazement, my wheels were turning, but I wasn't moving! When I looked around, I was horrified to see mud bubbling up and swallowing the back tires of the tractor. Oh no! "Lord what should I do?"

"Help is on the way!"

"Do you mean my family will be back to help me with this? They are at the YMCA right now and won't be back for an hour."

"No. You will be freed before that."

As I looked around, there was NO ONE to be seen! I was completely alone in a mud-covered desert. I decided to get a couple of boards to give traction to the tractor, but all my efforts were worthless. I needed someone to drive while I would push from behind. Impossible!

But deep within me, I received confirmation from God that I would be out and running way before my family returned, and all the grass on our property would be cut as well.

As I was thinking about the negative circumstances and how impossible God's words were, I heard some footsteps. As I turned around, I saw a man coming up to me, my neighbour from two houses down. I had never had the opportunity to talk with this man before, and we officially met in this embarrassing situation.

We tried to figure the how to best get out of this situation, and we both agreed that he would drive the tractor while I tried to push it from behind. And so we tried it. Boy did the mud ever fly! But with the help of some boards, my neighbour and especially God's guidance, we finally broke free and headed to higher grounds. Hallelujah!

As my neighbour stepped off the tractor, he saw mud spots all over his shirt. He then looked at me and exclaimed: "You have quite bit of mud yourself!"

I apologized for the mud on his shirt and thanked him profusely. Then I went to my pond to wash off some of the mud, and I realized that I looked like a mud monster! I was covered from head to toe! Boy, its hard to get rid of mud! I must have been a hilarious sight to those who could see me! No wonder no kids approached me. I could just imagine them running away, scared to death, screaming out at the top of their lungs: "Mom, dad, there is a horrible monster in our back yard!" But eventually I was able to finish my yard task and after a nice, warm shower, I looked a bit more attractive!

I have learned from this that no matter how deep in the mire of sin you find yourself, how deep you are in the midst of huge difficulties, or how deep you have been swallowed by mud, hope is on the way! The more you will try to struggle to make yourself free from your circumstances, the deeper your circumstances will swallow you up. But if you rely on God, He will not only give you the assurance that help is on the way, He will also give you a deep inner peace that you are okay. You are in His care, and He will not abandon you to your lot.

Just like my neighbour, Jesus comes to our help. He realizes that our sins have separated us from Him, that we are far from His original plan. From glorious beings, we became covered with the mud of sin. But Jesus doesn't care. He came where we were. He allowed Himself to be the recipient of mud-like accusations and torment. His life of purity was taken away from Him. He died on a cross, abandoned and lonely, and His only purpose was to reunite us with Him. The price of that mud-infecting sin was paid. He paid it and rose victoriously 3 three days later. Come to Him and enjoy His friendship. He loves you, my friend.

Next time you have some troubles, remember...

Help is on the way!

Rob Chaffart

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